Friday, May 11, 2012

Songs in the Night

" night his song is with me." Ps. 42:8

I woke up these last two mornings with a song running through my mind.  Psalms 34:1 says his praise will continually be on my lips.  What a comfort to know he is singing over us and in our darkest times, it is not our strength we have to rely upon.  God will even provide the song to sing.  Here is today's song.  I wanted to share it with my friends at Destiny Church.  It is called "Take me Away" by Worth Dying For.

You took upon your shoulders
the weight of my failures
You stole my heart from this world
and gave me life
So take my life and live it
for none but you

Let my heart trust in you
Let my fear fall
Let your love carry me through it all
and I will hold on to you even through pain
Won't you take me away, take me away, take me away with you


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